37 Day of Prayer


We have been invited by the Holy Spirit of God to give the first and best of 2019 to Him in prayer, fasting, and His Word. We have said “yes” to His invitation.

God called us several years ago to follow His pattern of tithing. He gave His first and best when He gave Jesus; and by giving His first and best, He redeemed mankind. That’s the principle of tithing. In the same spirit, we give the first 10% of the year to Him and He redeems the rest, thus the 37 days.

We will learn to pray the word of God over our lives; we will all grow in our ability to hear the Spirit speak; our church family will grow in unity as we pray, fast, and listen as one; and 2019 will be the most fruitful, blessed, and highly favored year in the history of our church. 

Let us now commit this year to God.