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37 Days of Prayer

37 Days of Prayer

As we prepare for the return of Jesus, we understand from scripture and the daily headlines that life is changing. Uncertainty and anxiety increase as the challenges of man far surpass his ability to resolve them. We know that this is actually an unseen spiritual war that is simply manifesting in our natural world. We, the members of the church of Jesus Christ, are being called into this war.
We have been in “peacetime church” for all of our lives and it has been relatively comfortable. Now, our God is calling us out and our world needs us. However, the transformation from peacetime living to warrior mode is not accomplished by emotional enthusiasm. It will be accomplished by those who enter a time of
surrender and intentional submission to the work of God to make us fit for this season. 37 Days 2022 is that time.

We invite you to set aside the next 37 days to intentionally pray, fast, and seek the Lord for the year ahead. It’s time!

WHY 37 Days?

We start our year as a church by refocusing our attention on what God wants for us in the months ahead. Much like we give 10% in our tithe, we give the Lord 10% of our year: 37 days.

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We invite the whole church to set aside daily time to pray, fast, and seek the Lord for 37 days. We also offer additional corporate worship services and early morning prayer:

     Worship Night: January 5th at 7:00 PM

     Weekly Tuesday Early Morning Prayer at 6AM

      Worship Nights: February 2-4 at 7:00 PM


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