Arie & Ben Gort, Prague

Arie is one of our “homegrown” missionaries. She and her husband lead within YWAM Prague as base directors. Street ministry and helping people transition is close to their hearts as they minister in Prague. Currently raising funds in the states to return to Prague soon.

Dr. Chris Okoh, Nigeria

Chris O. Okoh is the Founder and General Overseer of the Evangelical Christian Ministries, Inc., which has its headquarters at Ughelli in Delta State, Nigeria. He is the Pastor at the Headquarters Church.

The ministry where Dr. Okoh is the General Overseer, has four local branches in surrounding villages and he is keenly involved in rural evangelism; village outreach programs, church planting, church workers’ seminars, church leadership conferences, and writing of tracts to reach the masses. The churches are Spirit-filled, charismatic, Bible-believing, full Gospel, non-denominational churches.

Rev. Dr. Chris O. Okoh obtained his Degree in Theology (BTH) in 1986 at UM College of Theology in IIorin Kwara State, Nigeria. In 1992, he started his Doctorate Degree Programme, which was completed in 1996 in the Tennessee State University Extension Classes in Nigeria. He is happily married to Mrs. Muakpere Okoh, and together they have four children.

Danny & Annie Clark

Danny was a history major at Sam Houston State University and has fallen in love with this part of the world through his studies.  The love of history and established cultures has taken Danny as far as Almaty, Kazakhstan to now the richly historical city of Istanbul. Annie was a music education major at Sam Houston State University and taught 5th & 6th grade orchestra for two years.  Her love for teaching and music coupled with Danny’s love for history has opened doors for us in Istanbul, Turkey.  Currently raising funds to go back to Turkey in 2016.

David Flanders

Soul’s Harbour was founded in 1987 by Pastor David Flanders and his wife Joy. A small group met in the Flanders’ home for a few months until they outgrew it and then moved to the St. John Ambulance Hall. After about three years the Church moved into a leased property in Fore Street where it met for nine years. In September 1999 Soul’s Harbour moved into the present building. Initially it was going to be a short term home but the Lord began to give us great vision for the Church in this situation. The Church united behind the vision to create a youth café and extensive facilities for youth and children in different parts of the building.

In May 2001 Soul’s Harbour bought the building and began renovation and remodeling. Financial help has come form a number of charities and local businesses have been very generous in donating materials. Unusually for a rural church we have a distinct international flavor At Soul’s Harbour we are committed to creating a “Climate for Change” ~ changed lives, changed communities and a changed world.

David & Maria Skinner

Newtwork Bible Translators was founded by Dave and Maria Skinner and their Children David Jr. and Shannon, 29 years ago in Mexico and Guatemala. Prior to that they were missionaries in Haiti and Dominican Republic. The children were raised in the fields of Mexico and Guatemala. God has sent them around the world; Thailand, India, Fiji Islands, Ukraine, Morroco, South America, Central America, and the Tropic Island, Europe to teach and help the Orphans and Trafficked Children. The Skinners has worked on the front lines helping needy children, making disciples, building churches, and doing Evangelism and training. They’ve translated the Bible in The Trique language in Central Mexico; in the Akha language in Thailand; and in Ourdu for Pakistan.

James & Shannon Doherty, DIGNATA

There are around 20 million trafficked girls and women in the world. Together we restore dignity and bring freedom.  

Empowerment and Beauty

Dignata empowers women to become free from sexual exploitation and trafficking by bringing them to safe places and giving them a sustainable income creating Dignata Designs’ beautiful, high-end jewelry; and offering them a full spectrum of aftercare assistance with our partner organizations. 

When a woman is empowered to create beauty with her hands, it generates restoration for her heart. Our competitive wages put her on her feet again, empowering her to dream again.

 We Go To Them

We are on the front lines of the battle against slavery, empowering and guiding girls and women out of its clutches. We see dignity restored, and beauty created. 

Dignata has branches reaching women in the world’s darkest trafficking hubs, of Amsterdam, Netherlands; Houston, USA; Riga, Latvia; and Pune, India to name some. 

A Place of Training and Healing

The Dignata Ranch is where we are training up Advocates who will go to these dark places and bring empowerment and a leading hand of freedom to women trafficked in the sex trade, in paralyzing poverty, and held in debt bondage (forced to sell their bodies to “pay off” un-payable debts.) Dignata advocates are trained to fight human trafficking in the places women are sold, empower the exploited, and manage a branch of Dignata's sustainable jobs.

The Funds

Dignata is a non-profit organization that pays NO STAFF SALARIES. All of the funds raised go to empowering the exploited: the operating costs of Dignata, Dignata Designs (promoting its survivor-made jewelry); the Dignata Ranch; and the Dignata Training Schools to train up Advocates.

 Empower these precious women today by joining our campaign. 

GIVE and SHARE. (Your simple act of generosity changes everything.)

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic occupies the eastern two-thirds of a shared island with Haiti.  The island was originally founded as the first Spanish colony of Hispaniola when it was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, and it wasn’t until 1844 that the Dominican Republic became its own nation.  Santo Domingo is the capital city, located on the southern coast.  It is the largest city and port in the country, and it is said that Christopher Columbus’ remains are located in one of the city’s cathedrals.  Today, the Dominican Republic is a democratic nation, but the people first had to endure a long string of repressive governments.  It is a highly agricultural country, with the main crops being sugarcane, coffee, tobacco and cocoa.  However, as tourism grows it is challenging agriculture for the #1 spot in the economic sector.  Sadly, there is a high rate for underemployment and income inequality – the poorest half of the country’s people hold less than a fifth of the money.  Our project is a church/school located in Comendador. We support some of the children who go to the school, and have completed a construction project there in 2015. We will be going back for Spring Break 2016!


Coreluv is our gateway to Haiti. Coreluv is committed to developing a culture of adoption both within the local communities surrounding our orphanages and through facilitating international adoptions.  Our Coreluv partners who pursue adoption after visiting one of our orphanages overseas help make this vision a reality. We believe every child deserves a family of its own and we will continue to develop connections and resources to help make this a reality.

Financial Effectiveness

Dedicated support from a select group of private donors covers all of Coreluv’s operating and marketing expenses. Literally 100% of every dollar you invest in a Coreluv International orphanage goes directly toward providing for the needs of children in our orphanages.

Sustainable Approach

Orphan care takes place in a much broader context involving such considerations as government agencies, local businesses, agricultural issues, and the local church. By connecting with and investing in the above areas surrounding our orphanage communities we are building programs that will last and creating the framework to change children’s lives but also to change a nation.

Orphanage Sponsorships

_Coreluv works exclusively with orphans, children who have lost all hope. In addition to providing for needs such as clean water, proper food, healthcare, education, and job skills training we provide for an orphan’s greatest need: a loving home. As such, in contrast to providing support for individual children, our partners are given the opportunity to support entire orphanage communities.

Hand of Love

The founders are George and Suad Kawaneh  in Nazareth, Israel. They are doing a compassionate work, truly helping widows & orphans as well as providing medical assistance to the poor, showing love through these life-giving acts of service & kindness.  As a mostly  self-run organization, George has been raising up new leaders and spending time mentoring & training others to help with this mission.

Jack Parks

This is evangelistic ministry to the Middle-East. This ministry is promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ in and around Israel, strengthening established ministries and developing new work in areas that are often of a life-threatening and sensitive nature.

Jeff Collins

Jeff and Milicent Collins served in many facets of local church ministry and short term missions before pastoring and planting churches in Texas. They resigned the pastorate to obey the call of God to, “like Abraham and Sarah, go out not knowing where.” God has been faithful to lead them throughout the nations. Having been in over forty countries, their predominant focus at this time is Europe and the Middle East. Parts of Asia, Africa, North and South America, as well as the islands of the seas are also calling.

Marwan Beem

The Lord has used pastor Marwan and his wife Rania in establishing many churches. In addition to the church in Shefar-Am, he has established four churches in different places: the West Bank, Beqeen, Ma’lia, Beana and the Lord used him to reopen the ministry in Fasota. He is also Pastoring a church in Kefar Yassif.

The church has a missionary work. Many ministries have been established through this Church in places where there was no evangelical work. One of these ministries is the Church of Baana, which was established in 1994 through Pastor Marwan and his wife.

A work has also been established in the West Bank among Muslims. There are still villages and cities around the city of Shefaram that have not yet been preached the word of God and some of them are Muslim villages.

Mercy House

Mercy House exists to engage, empower and disciple women around the globe in Jesus’ name. Engage those with resources to say yes to the plight of women in poverty. Empower women and teenage mothers around the world through partnerships and sustainable fair trade product development. Disciple women to be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.

Scott & Brooke Holliday

English Teachers at People’s University of China and English Teacher at Bejing Institute of Technology

Sharing International

Sharing International exists to empower and equip the Body of Christ to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through humanitarian efforts, broadcasting and training.

World Gospel Outreach

WGO exists to do three things well. 1.  To serve and reach the poor. for Christ.  2.  To provide care for displaced or abandoned children.3.  To provide opportunities for the North American Church to  experience the joy that comes through serving.

Yousef Dakwar

We are a body of Arab believers from Haifa.  We want to model a people transformed by  Christ reconciled to God and our brothers, Sons of Isaac and Ishmael, as One New Man in Christ. And to show God’s compassion to the broken hearted, hopeless and hurting people. We proclaim God’s Glory back to Israel.