Have you longed to experience the places where Jesus walked and ministered healing to so many? Have you thought how amazing it would be to be baptized in the Jordan River, or desired to walk the streets of the Old City Jerusalem! Have you wondered what it would be like to see where Jesus lived during the major part of His ministry, Galilee? Imagine being in the Upper Room, the Garden Tomb, and the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus suffered in prayer the night before He was crucified. This can be the year to fulfill that dream!

We invite you to join our "2019 TOUR to ISRAEL"! This will be the 8th year the Crossing is offering this trip of a lifetime.  It is always exciting to see the spark of wonder in the eyes of each new person who is visiting Israel for the first time. Be prepared to have many encounters with the Lord.

We will begin our tour in Jerusalem, traveling upon your arrival to the Mt of Olives where you will enjoy a panoramic view of the Old City, the Temple Mount, and the Golden Gate!

You will visit The Church of the Sepulchre, the Whaling Wall, the City of David, the Via Dolorosa, the Dead Sea, and Masada, Jericho, Bethlehem the Birth Place of Christ, and so much more.

We will then travel to Galilee where you will visit  the Church of Multiplication, the Mt. of Beatitudes,  and take a Boat Ride on the Sea of Galilee. We will visit Nazareth and the Golan Heights, Tel Dan (Caesarea Phillipi), Banias Springs and Megiddo , and stand on the top of Mt Carmel as you overlook the valley of Armageddon, where the last great battle will take place, and many more sites.

We will spend the last 4 days of our tour in Haifa visiting 2 first generation Arab Christian Churches and one Messianic Church on the top of Mt. Carmel. Jesus is alive and active in the Holy Land today! You will be amazed and touched by this part of the tour!

Pleased prayerfully consider joining our June 2019 Tour to Israel!

Tour Dates: June 6th-19th 2019

Price: $1699 per person (not including airfare)