Dates: august 4th - 10th  |  GRades: k-5

I am proud to announce that The Crossing KidsZone will be attending Camp Carolina this year for kids camp. We have loved our previous years at Camp Dry Gulch in Oklahoma, however Church On The Move sold the campsite to a New Life Ranch Christian camp. After looking at the changes and cost differences we felt this would be a great year to experience something new (and closer).  Get Ready for an AMAZING time!

The W!ld (K-5th grade at Carolina Creek) Camp is a dream-come-true for our youngest campers. What kid wouldn’t love to slide down a tiger’s tail on the way to breakfast, climb in a Jungle, or take a dip in an Ocean water park? 

We have a blast in large group games on the Meadow or in the Ark, and when we come together for worship at our outdoor chapel on the river or in our daily keynote sessions. But the best part is our small groups, with only five campers per counselor, talking about our time alone with God, reflecting on the Bible passage, the dramas that reinforce the theme of the day, and what we learned about God through the adventures we had. 

Let me make a personal appeal to you. Camp is time where kids make their own personal decision to believe in Christ. This is not just money spent to let your child just have fun (they will), or a week for you to a have a little quiet time (you will). I feel that this camp can change the life of your child. They will come to know Christ in a new way, make Christian friends, and strengthen their belief in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  Over 80 percent of adults in church today, were saved when they were a child.  This is a crucial time.  You are investing in your child’s future.

God Bless you, Pastor Mike

Children must have completed Kindergarten or in 1st through 5th grade to be eligible for children’s camp.


Children must have completed Kindergarten or in 1st through 5th grade to be eligible for children’s camp. Fill out and complete the online application.

Do NOT sign up at the Carolina Creek site directly. Please use the link below so that you will be included in our group.

Payment information

All Payments are made to the Crossing church, and then we will make all payments directly to the camp.
You will not have a reserved spot until your deposit is made.

Cost per child before March 31st will be $599 ($150 deposit reserves your spot. Pay the rest later). This will include camp tuition and meals at camp, a crossing camp T-shirt, and a small portion toward the transportation. After March 31st tuition goes up to $650. There is a $100 non-refundable deposit which can be delivered by check to the Crossing KidsZone (on Sunday and Wednesdays), or online (click the “Pay Now” button below and select “kidscamp”). Don’t forget to put the child’s name in the memo or send an email to so she can make sure funds are designated correctly. If your child has a different last name than you, please let our financial secretary know, as well. 50% of tuition is due April 30th and the remainder of the tuition will be required to be paid by June 3rd.

Possible Payment structure could be under $100 a month for early bird price.

Make your $150 deposit to the Crossing church to confirm your spot.