GENESIS (birth through 4 years) – led by Irene Reyes


  • We offer infant care from birth to 18 months, where we provide a loving atmosphere surrounded with worship music and caring attendants. Our KZ Toddler area covers ages 18 months to 2 years, where its not to young to learn about God. We teach bible stories and crafts to help them understand who God is. Preschool covers ages 3 and 4. We offer a Teacher led class mixed with multimedia to keep these kids engaged and learning.


  • We have childcare from birth to 4 years. We provide a loving atmosphere and caring attendants. We play games with the kids and go over our lessons from Sunday.

KZ Chapel and KZ jr.  (kindergarten thru 4th grade) – led by Pastor Mike McEwin


  • Kids' Zone Small Group Classes meet at 9:00 am and includes classes for all ages beginning at 5 years. They are fun and lively discussions that hit home with practical applications. This is a valuable time for laying our Biblical foundation as dedicated teachers guide you through the Bible in a relaxed atmosphere. Don't miss out!

  • At 11:00 am, kids get their own church service while their parents worship in the Worship Center! Our Kids' Zone has two specific purposes: to love God's children and teach them His ways. Learning takes place in a nurturing environment where children have hands-on experiences with praise and worship. Our lessons are created to tingle their minds with fun games, interactive object lessons, Bible stories, sword drills and live skits. Experienced, caring teachers and their assistants provide instruction in a setting that promises spiritual growth to all ages. Come by and check it out for yourself!


  • Kids' Zone is an exciting multi-media class designed for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade. Using Biblical truth-packed videos, games, handouts, music, and a recycle of Sunday's lesson, we strive to give children a chance to experience God's Word through an interactive format. Our nursery is open for children 0-4 years old.

    • Extra info:

      • AGES:

        • Nursery (0-24 months)

        • Preschool Classes (3 - 4 yrs)

        • Fast Forward (grade K-2)

        • Level 34 (grade 3-4)

        • LOCATION: The Crossing Church, Children's Building

        • DAY & TIME: Wednesdays, 7:00 pm; Sundays, 9:00 am & 11:00 am